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Pasquale Salza
Hello! I'm Pasquale, an Italian researcher and software engineer who loves geek stuff. Currently, I'm a
Senior Research Associate
at the
University of Zurich
, Switzerland, where I research on machine learning for software engineering. This website lets you know me better, who I am and what I'm up to.
I started my Ph.D. at the University of Salerno, where I was researching on engineering the parallelization of genetic algorithms through cloud computing technologies. Since then, I've been passionate about software engineering research in several different areas. My current activities mainly focus on machine learning, cloud computing, and evolutionary computation to efficiently join solutions and approaches to improve information technology systems and supply software solutions of better quality and cost-effectively.
Coding is and always will be a passion. For my current work, I have to play a lot with Python, mainly to analyze plenty of data. But I like to study new technologies, programming languages, and frameworks. Like in the case of the development of this website, I always try to take the chance to learn new things, such as React. Apart from pure development, I also very much like to design stuff.